The Best Of: The Margaret River & Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island Tour

Covering almost a third of Australia, WA is as vast as it is diverse with incredible places to visit and sights to see. Travelling to Western Australia presents an array of incredible opportunities, with epic landscapes spanning beautiful coastal shores to remote country towns. But with an abundance of spectacular places to visit in Perth and its surrounds, it can be difficult to narrow down where to go.

At Waratah Adventure Tours, we have some of the best touring options available to make sure that when you’re next travelling to WA, it is a trip to remember.

Places to Visit in Perth, Western Australia

When travelling to Western Australia, the capital of Perth is filled with many incredible tourist opportunities and attractions. Some of the more unforgettable holiday experiences can be found in the spectacular Rottnest Island and Margaret River region, from stunning beaches, world-class wine tours, and action-filled wildlife adventures.

Margaret River Tours in Western Australia

In Western Australia’s south, the incomparable landscapes of the Margaret River region are ready and waiting to welcome visitors travelling from around the world. Filled with unique, natural beauty and a collection of diverse tourist attractions, Margaret River is a perfect holiday destination for every traveller. Whether you are ready to ride the crystal blue waves, enjoy a sparkling glass of wine at sunset, or explore the depths of cavernous caves, there is no end to the wonders of this epic tourist hotspot. Easily one of the best places to visit in Perth, here are some great ideas for what you can do on a Margaret River tour:

  • Enjoy the best wine tours in Margaret River at gorgeous vineyards scattered along the coast.
  • Experience the rugged coastline and test your surfing skills. You may even spot a surfing pro out on the waves!
  • Venture below ground level and explore the beautiful caves bedecked with limestone-crystal, lakes, and epic fossils.
  • Observe the unique marine life from gorgeous vantage points, like the Underwater Observatory in Busselton.
  • Go for a spirited or relaxed hike amongst the picturesque scenery. Drink in the beautiful white sands of the beaches, rugged natural bushland, and romantic vineyards.
  • Visit the quirky and creative breweries to sample craft beers.
  • Release your inner adrenaline junky with treetop climbs, ziplining, seaplane journeys and other incredible experiences throughout the region.
  • Embark on a sunset tour to spot majestic whales in their natural habitats.
  • Experience the Gourmet Escape and discover world-class chefs and premium produce all set against the backdrop of a picturesque beach.
  • Relax and unwind with a Yoga and Wellness Glamping Adventure.

Known for the best wine tours in the state, Margaret River offers a variety of world-class experiences that will appeal to every lucky traveller who visits this beautiful location south of Perth.

Rottnest Island Tours in WA

Get ready to enjoy island life with a twist when travelling to Western Australia, as one of the best places to visit in Perth must be the beautiful Rottnest Island. An easy 19 kilometres off Perth’s coast, you can reach this secluded spot via a short ferry ride. With a rich cultural heritage, magnificent coastal scenery, unique wildlife and spectacular flora, there are plenty of things to do on a Rottnest Island tour, including:

  • Relaxing on one of the beautiful 63 beaches and 20 bays. Go snorkelling, swimming, or surfing for a closer look at the exotic marine life, or recharge with a book on the white sandy shore.
  • Get a closer look at the adorable quokkas. Keep a safe distance and capture a picture to always remember these special moments.
  • Go whale watching as the gentle giants migrate along the coastline.
  • Explore the iconic dive sites, boasting a variety of underwater caves, limestone reefs and diverse marine life.
  • Charter a private yacht for an adventure around the coast.
  • Zip about on a Segway to explore the beauty of Rottnest Island tour up close.
  • Experience the azure-blue waters and colourful marine life on a glass-bottom kayak.
  • Immerse yourself in the ancient Aboriginal culture of the Noongar people with incredible walking tours and fascinating meetings.
  • Get your heart racing with a thrilling skydiving experience! Freefall while taking in a bird’s-eye-view of the incredible coastline.

These are just some of the amazing things to do when you are travelling to WA, so be sure to add Rottnest to your list of places to visit in Perth for your next holiday.

Travelling to WA with Waratah Adventure Tours

At Waratah Adventure Tours, we provide our customers with a variety of the best Rottnest Island tours and access to the best wine tours in Margaret River. For more information about travelling to Western Australia, check out our Margaret River & Rottnest Island tour information and discover why the combination of wineries, waves, wilderness, and wildlife is so popular amongst those travelling to WA. Learn more about our selection of incredible tours and contact us at Waratah Adventure Tours today.